Welcome to Surf City Portuguese Water Dogs


Meet Surf

Surf is our STUD MUFFIN.  He is everyone's best friend. He has unique hard to find markings as white with brown markings with a wavy/medium curl coat. He loves to be scratched and usually has his nose to the ground checking everything out. Surf has a very relaxed temperament.  He is a blast to hang out with whether it be a the beach, hiking, boating, ATVing or just being at home chilling his pups. He has the energy to keep up with you while being perfectly content to be at home sleeping on the couch.

Surf stands at 21" tall and 47 lbs.


Meet Barcelona

Barcelona is a true water dog and is content playing and enjoying anything having to do with water. Her excitement and happiness shows in everything she does. Her wavy coat makes it seem like she always has a smile on her face, and really underneath the hair she does. The first day we brought her home she enjoyed a stroll around the farm checking out all of the farm animals and a ride in our UTV.  Her puppies retain her amazing personality along with her beautiful markings and gorgeous coat. Barcelona is a true Portuguese Water Dog beauty!

Barcelona is a small size female standing at 18" tall and 35 lbs.


Meet Isla

Isla is an energetic sweetheart that loves to be in the middle of everything that is going on.  In true portie fashion she loves to steal whatever you have in your hand and proudly pack it around, she is the mouthiest of our porties and is full of love and energy.  She loves to play in the water as much as she can.

She is a great mommy. 

We love watching her run and play and enjoy her surroundings.  She is very athletic and even does a little happy dance/ballerina twirl when she is excited to see you. 

Isla is our largest female standing at 22" and 50 lbs.


Why should you purchase a Portuguese water dog from us?

We are a loving family that has given these beautiful pups a family.  We are always sad to see them leave our home, but love to find them families that will love and cherish them as much as we do.


Professional Experience

With many years of experience breeding and caring for animals of all kinds we have taken on this new adventure of raising these beautiful animals.
You can rest assured that your Portuguese puppy will come to you healty and happy. This is one of the most popular non-shedding hypoallergenic breeds available for families, so make sure to reserve a puppy today!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our pups are the most happy, cuddly, smart and loyal you can possibly ask for! They are the most adorable and fluffy dogs! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed when it comes to our pups! To back this up and to rest your concerns we provide a one year genetic health guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind you seek when adopting a pup. We guarantee that your puppy will be free of genetic issues. In the unlikely event of a genetic health problem that is life threatening coming up we will provide either financial support up to the cost of the puppy or, in some cases, your puppy will be replaced and we will take back the original puppy so that we can care for him or her. Rest assured this has not yet occurred.