Surf City Portuguese Water Dogs

We cannot say we are experts with Portuguese Water Dogs but we are truely in awe at the ability our pups have to make us learn how smart and amazing they are on a daily basis.  Farm/Ranch life has given us tons of experience with animals of every size and every variety. We have enjoyed raising cats, dogs, goats, sheep, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys and even pigs.  It is safe to say we have  laughed and cried through many good and bad experiences we have had over the years with our many beloved animals.  

Our journey with PWD's has been an adventure. We are love the Portuguese Water Dog breed and love including them in our life on the farm.  We are a very active family and we include our PWD's in all aspects of our lives. As a family we love the great outdoors, hiking, hunting, fishing, riding ATV's, swimming, camping, boating, and just relaxing in the shade.  It is very important to include them in all the things we love.