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Surf is our STUD MUFFIN.  He is everyone's best friend. He has unique hard to find markings as white with brown markings with a wavy/medium curl coat. He loves to be scratched  on his rump and usually has his nose to the ground checking everything out. Surf has a very relaxed temperament.  He is a blast to hang out with whether it be a the beach, hiking, boating, ATVing or just being at home chilling his pups. He has the energy to keep up with you while being perfectly content to be at home sleeping on the couch.

Surf stands at 21" tall and 47 lbs.

Meet our dogs: Surf


Barcelona is a total love bug. Her excitement and happiness shows in everything she does. Her wavy coat makes it seem like she always has a smile on her face, and really underneath the hair she does. She loves rides around the farm on the UTV and really snuggles right up under your arm every time she sees you.  Her puppies retain her amazing loving personality along with her beautiful markings and gorgeous coat. Barcelona is a true Portuguese Water Dog beauty!
Barcelona is a small size female standing at 18" tall and 35 lbs.

Meet our dogs: Barcelona


River is a total joy to be around, she loves to get up and look right in your eyes.   She loves to play in the water and lay in the kiddie pool on hot days. 

She is a great mommy. 

We love watching her run and play and enjoy her surroundings.  River loves to explore and go one walks and explore the dirt roads and fields around us.

River is our largest female standing 22 inches and 48 lbs. 

Meet our dogs: Welcome


Meet our dogs: Text
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