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Here are a few of the pups we have adopted out over the years.  If you would like to be added to this page please let me know.

PWD Family Reviews: Welcome


Happy, happy, happy. Both of us. Huck arrived into my life a year and and half ago, just a
small package of fluffy enthusiasm. I had journeyed to Surf City Porties to pick him up, unsure
what lay ahead. His home, parents and owners welcomed me graciously. The farm abounded
in animals and their exceptional care.
Adapting Huck into my life is an adventure every day. A constant companion and a marvelous
dog, he trained with ease, responded to hiking, skiing, swimming, grandchildren, car trips and
just lazing in the cabin. (He still plays chase with the kitty but its a loving game!) Best of all is
his love for others; dogs and people alike. He is social and wants to interact playfully and often.
This works well for both of us.
And now there will be two! In a month or so, Melissa will be handing over a girl puppy for me to
train for my grandchildren to have as their own. Surf City Porties spreading joy into another
family and another state. We are filled with gratitude.
Stanley, Idaho

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We absolutely adore our pup from Surf City Porties! From the very start we could not believe how easy he was. My husband and I both work from home, and pretty much from day one he would go back and forth between our offices and quietly play or snooze while we worked. We bought some of those bells to hang on the door, and before we had even read about how to teach him - he'd taught himself. He is affectionate but not needy, incredibly smart and endearingly playful. We had a family competition for smartest dog this Christmas, and Mose most definitely took the top prize. He is a quick learner, eager to please, obedient, and very food-motivated ;) We also recently took him out to Colorado to spend time on a ranch, and he was fine with horses, cattle, and running around off-leash - which is impressive since the first six months of his life were spent in the city. 

We are so grateful for Melissa and her family for giving us our new best friend -- we can't imagine our lives without him! My husband and I went back and forth on which puppy we wanted, and Melissa was so kind and patient with us every step of the way. Since we did not live close by, she sent us pictures and personality descriptions and was incredibly helpful as we made our final decision. Truly, Mose (rhymes with toes) has turned into the perfect dog for us. 

D'Evelyn Family, Washington


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I had the best experience getting my pup from Surf City Porties!
Melissa was a rockstar with sending updates and pictures as often as possible. She made arranging a cross-country pickup a breeze even in the middle of the pandemic!
My pup, Percy, has been the real highlight of my life since bringing him home! He has a spunky personality that keeps you on your toes. He is super intelligent, was potty trained fully by 12 weeks with no accidents at all. And he is a true companion dog, loves to be by my side at all times.
Getting a portie pup from Surf City was the best decision I could have ever made, and cannot recommend more!

Ally, Pennsylvania


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From the moment that we found Surf City Porties, we knew that we wanted to work with you and bring home our FurEver Baby. SCP was excellent at sending us updates and photos of our baby while he was under your care. Flying to Utah to pick up Rocket and bring him back home to California was an easy and smooth process. My sister wants a portie from Surf City Porties because our experience has been wonderful.

A little bit about our precious boy Rocket:

Rocket has been an incredible blessing to our family especially as I (Natalia) battle cancer. 

Rocket is loving and always wants to be by your side. He is extremely intelligent and quickly learned how to open the baby gate and make his way upstairs. He knows which bedroom belongs to which kid and will go paw at their door to get their attention. He became fully potty trained extremely fast and knows to sit at the slider or paw at the door to go outside. He is bilingual and understands commands in English and Spanish. If you ask him for a Besito, he will lick you! He is protective of his family, has his big boy bark and yet is still friendly. He is curious about other animals and is calm when meeting other fury friends. He loves to play outside and run around, he is a fast runner!  He also loves his naps and wants to sit on your lap. Our 50 pound dog thinks he's a 10 pound puppy and curls up next to you or on you. We get comments everyday from strangers as to how cuddly and beautiful his markings are. People always want to know what type of dog he is. Other dog owners ask to pet him and know Rocket by his name and will say "Hello Rocket" to him during our walks or when we are just sitting outside in front of our house. We are known as the Portuguese Water Dog family. We love him and are extremely grateful to have found Surf City Porties 

Winter Family 


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We brought 8 week old Maebee home in March 2020. and our lives have not been the same since! (In a good way.)

She is funny, happy, very opinionated and an extremely smart dog. Her favorite place to be is wherever her humans are. 

We cannot imagine our life without her, she makes us laugh!

Randy and Debra Barnes


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"I have nothing but great things to say about Surf City Porties!  Working with Melissa was delightful.  She takes great care of her PWDs and the families she works with and we couldn't have been luckier to find Surf City Porties. 

Arnie and Winston, now 7 months old, were flown from Idaho to North Carolina.  Melissa made the entire adoption process very easy.  She sent us pictures and videos of our two puppies before we received them, and she made us feel very comfortable with flying the two boys across the country.  When we took Arnie and Winston to the vet for the first time, our vet told us that she could tell the breeder had taken great care of them.

Winston and Arnie are the sweetest little guys and we absolutely adore them.  They are the happiest puppies I've seen!  They are very active, love attention, love loving on their humans, and wow, these little guys are almost too smart for their own good.  Arnie lives with my parents and my brother, and Winston lives with me.  Winston comes to work with me every day and is so friendly to all of the customers that he greets at the door.

Everyone that meets Arnie and Winston immediately asks where we adopted them from and I always recommend Surf City, even if they are across the country from us:)"

 Emily, NC

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January 28th, 2019


We appreciate the professional way in which you conducted your "Portie" Business.  Our puppy is a loving member of our family, well prepared for the transition from your family to ours.

The price was delicious, your assistance in her delivery greatly appreciated. 

Best wishes to you and yours.

Richard and Gayle Cardwell

WA and AZ

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